Shooting and shaping a private backyard skatepark with PTR puerto rico


2014 was an Amazing Year! Lots of Surfing, Fishing, Creating, Inventing, and Hanging Out with Family and True Friends.

Party's over, time to make some money. Here's what I'm up to so far. If you'd like something creative and unique drop me a line at michaeldahl@hotmail.com as I'll only be doing a handful of jobs this summer. Thanks for checking out my work. michael

Shotcrete soil retention. Sometimes simple and functional turns out pretty cool. 



Shotcrete soil retention.



Sharp simple classic concrete hearth.



Salvaged foam from the  Pacific Ocean, turned in to an art prop for my friend Leighton's Spearfish Northwest booth at 2015 Seafood and Wine Festival. http://www.spearfishnorthwest.com/



The main pieces were from the Fukushima Disaster trash taken out of our ocean then turned into art. Lots of treasure floating around lately.



This is a fun 3D foam sign.  http://www.spearfishnorthwest.com/



Here are a few designs I created to go along with Leighton's brilliant Spearfish northwest line.







Shooting and shaping more bowls with PTR.

Fun little death rock feature.


Single step


Barbeque season!

New padio with fresh stain ready for sealer.

Cool sunken natural gas fire pit, minus the fire ring.

scatch coat.


add on.


Tree of thrones

the beginning of my forest throne.

To be continued......after fishing season.


Tropical planters.

concrete work finished.

My attempt at Puerto Rican stone.


a few of the projects I've been working on this year.

Bench and stamped padio

fun outdoor shower.

I am actually working. These ling were sold to south beach market. none of these  fish were more than six hours out of the ocean  when delivered. It doesn't get better than fresh lingcod fish and chips...umm

some rockery remodeling on indoor exibit.

outdoor exhibit repair and color (before)


stamped walk with stone columns.


Portland stoop


Time to barbeque!!!!!


3D sign with lights

nice to switch it up every once in a while.....

Some Creative concrete in the Caribbean....

Stamped deck

colored deck

bench on the deck!

Outdoor tree shower minus the shower head.


Another skatepark in Puerto rico with PTR





FINISHED... a little more color, grout , and gold leaf......


remodel time...

2006 wall time for a face lift.

still needs a few steps, just need a few dry days when  the ocean isn't fishable.

first firing of my mass rock heater stove, boiling water nicely.



book shelf


new koi pond finished

This is going to hurt............




New project underway....


Oregon Coast Aquariums new sealion spa is finished.........

Just finishing up the decks.

add a coat of sealer and I'm done.

Rock / benches


Pool cure


A sunday night with the bar.

A little color for the rocks.


First day of shotcrete, going good...


spectators at my new project!


Port of Toledo Waterfront Pavilion

Stamped, stained , sealed stage.

Poured in place concrete counter.


freestyle coffee table

Testing the light before final polish.


progress photos on a new pond


granite cap


Another Puerto Rican skatepark with my friend Stefan Hauser of Placed to ride skateparks


R&D time...... It only took five years to finally just throw together a mini pizza oven. Pizza gets two thumbs up!


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